Principals Pen Thursday, 01 Feb 2024

The Living Faith Theme for...

Last week the Living Faith theme for 2024 was unveiled to all staff as ‘Growing...

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Learning Landscape Wednesday, 22 Nov 2023

Pastoral Care

Self-regulation can go by many names such as ‘self-control’, ‘impulse management’ and ‘self-management’. Self-regulation is best...

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Principals Pen Thursday, 16 Nov 2023

Wellbeing Dog for Living Faith

Support to the School provided by ‘Dog’s Connect’ The school has recently partnered with Dogs...

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Principals Pen Wednesday, 08 Nov 2023

Preparing Principled Graduate Students

Many years ago I read the book, ‘White Fang’ written by Jack London. Interestingly, the book...

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Learning Landscape Thursday, 02 Nov 2023

Student Speak: Year 5 Students

This semester the Year 5 students have been participating in a project called Hub Market....

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Learning Landscape Monday, 23 Oct 2023

Practical Parenting

Contrary to what some parents may think, spending seven and a half hours a day,...

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Principals Pen Tuesday, 10 Oct 2023

The Benefits of Grandparents in...

It was a great pleasure for the school to host our annual Grandparents and Special Friends...

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Learning Landscape Thursday, 21 Sept 2023

Pastoral Care at Living Faith

Living Faith’s Pastoral Care team consists of six core members: ● Mr Paul Bowyer -...

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Learning Landscape Wednesday, 13 Sept 2023

Student Speak: Year 2 Students

In PBL this semester, the Year 2 students have been investigating forces. They have been...

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