Symposiums for Educators

Professional development symposiums are available on a regular basis. Should you or your school be interested in taking part in a symposium, please contact Gail Lindner (Promotions Officer) via to express your interest or find out more information. 

In 2014, Living Faith embarked on a journey of growth and improvement. We transformed from a traditional, industrial model of education to one that is future-focused, creative and student-centred. We began by imagining what stories we wanted our graduate students to recount about their time at Living Faith. These stories would reference how their creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills, among others were nurtured and developed. From these early imaginings, we set about designing our Learning Landscape - a school improvement plan - that would guide our growth and direction.

Today, we are a school that embraces agile learning spaces and Project Based Learning with an emphasis on contemporary competencies, choice, student-centeredness and assessment for learning and improvement.

We have had the privilege of sharing our story with over 300 symposium attendees over the past few years. Participant highlights include:

  • “Visiting the classrooms to see the flexible learning spaces, and looking at the PBL documents.”
  • “Explanation about pedagogy at Living Faith. It was so inspiring. Talking to other teachers and classroom visits.”
  • “Hearing about Living Faith's journey from a traditional school to an innovative school. Also enjoyed learning more about PBL and agile learning, and the best ways to deliver these to staff, students and the parent community. Invaluable tips regarding ‘the things you'd do differently.’"
  • “I absolutely loved the visits to the classrooms, being able to have conversations with the students and staff involved and to hear about what has worked well and what things would have been done differently.”

We look forward to sharing our ever-evolving story in the hope of inspiring your staff and unleashing your creativity.