Pastoral Care

Student Wellbeing

Living Faith knows that children are best able to learn if their social, emotional and spiritual needs are met. We believe that the pastoral care of our students is crucial in their development as learners. Class teachers play an integral role in the support of students as they are the first responders when students or parents/carers seek support.

Staff maintain a wide-reaching awareness of the social-emotional needs of students, as well as behavioural and academic needs. In consultation with the Pastoral Care Team, Director of Junior Primary, Director of Senior Primary, Student Diversity Mentors and school Chaplain, staff seek to actively support all students and families. They work to inspire and encourage students, other staff and parents/carers to pursue authentic relationships.

Living Faith has a close relationship with the Church through our school Chaplain who provides support to students and families at risk and serves as a student and family advocate and mentor. The Pastor of the Living Faith Congregation is also available to families of the school.


At Living Faith, we value respect and positive relationships with others. While we strive daily to do the right thing, we acknowledge that there will be times in our students' lives when they make the wrong choices and, as a result, cause harm to their relationships with others. When relationships between children break down, restorative conversations led by trained staff allow both parties the opportunity to give their side of the story and, where appropriate, to be involved in the setting of consequences. Forgiveness and the opportunity to try again allows students the opportunity to learn from their actions and move on.

Students also have the opportunity to grow in their resiliency and cooperative skills by participating in pastoral care lessons, small group programs and whole school activities. Older students within the school also act as positive role models to our younger students by participating in some of our many leadership programs.

Student Diversity

Our Student Diversity Mentors work together with class and specialist teaching staff to assist all students. Staff aim to build confidence, participation and independence in all students. Supporting students with disabilities and learning difficulties at Living Faith takes place in various forms including:

  • In-class support from student coaches
  • Support on excursions, camps and school events, if required
  • Collaborating with class teachers to make suitable adjustments and/or modifications to meet student needs and work towards individual learning goals
  • Meeting with parents/carers and teachers to create and monitor Support Plans
  • Social and emotional support in and outside of the classroom
  • Small group intervention programs with early-intervention literacy a priority

The success of our learning support program relies heavily on partnerships and quality open communication with parents/carers.