The physical space and digital technology work hand in hand. In the technology rich world of today, it is important to equip our students with the skills and understanding to support the safe and capable use of digital technology. This does not replace the need for hands-on, tactical and physical learning opportunities which are ever present in our classrooms. 

At Living Faith, every student is provided with an iPad that allows them mobility, flexibility and a different way of working. iPads are used in the following ways:

  • a learning resource or a research tool
  • a differentiation tool that enables each student to work on an individual learning goal and activity that the teacher has set
  • to create, innovate, design and demonstrate their learning through a range of digital media
  • to provide students with digital technology skills to be prepared for the future

iPads are supplied and managed by the school and the cost is incorporated into school fees.

In addition to the use of iPads, students learn a range of digital skills such as safe practice, coding, computational thinking and digital system design. These skills are interwoven with other curriculum areas to create authentic learning experiences such as app design, robotics and the creation of virtual and augmented reality experiences. 

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