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Let the Games Continue
What games do you like to play? Where do you like to play them? What games have you taught your children… and...See More
More than just Numbers: How do we embed a growth mindset into Maths?
At Living Faith, our Maths program is built on a foundation in neuroscience and educational psychology. We incorporate the research of Mathematics...See More
On a Journey
‘Life is a journey’ they say. We are all travellers during our time on this earth. One of my favourite Bible texts...See More
Big Ideas Summit
We were very proud to have two Living Faith teachers selected to present their 'BIG IDEAS' at this year's Big Ideas Summit...See More
Engagement through Autonomy
At Living Faith, one of the fundamental focuses of our learning program is to engage students. Motivation expert Daniel Pink outlines the...See More
In the Interim
‘Are you the new principal?’ This was the question I was most asked as I chatted with students around the school grounds...See More
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