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Constructive Distractions: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Have you ever told your child that they can’t have an unhealthy treat, only to find they become obsessed with the...See More
Contemporary Competencies
At Living Faith, we believe that we need to prepare students to thrive in an ever-changing world. We don’t know what...See More
As a parent and teacher, I know very well the challenges of walking alongside a child who is learning to read. Learning...See More
Active Learning
Active learning involves students engaging in the learning process experientially. In an active learning environment, students are afforded a significant level of...See More
Keeping Kids’ Spark for Learning
Children are naturally inquisitive, eager to participate and learn. They see possibilities uninhibited by adult limitations and ask incredible questions. Children love...See More
Take a Break
We often underestimate the importance of rest. Play breaks, unstructured afternoons and evenings, relaxing weekends and friend-oriented school holidays are essential for...See More
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