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Rewards and Praise - The Use of Superlatives
Well done! Fantastic! Excellent effort! We have all heard these superlatives many times before, and we are all probably responsible for commending...See More
Musical Tickets
Project-Based Learning
When you ask students what their favourite subject at school is, the vast majority will say PBL (Project-Based Learning). It is a...See More
Meet Generation Alpha
For as long as I can remember, when we socialise with different groups of people from various age groups, at one point...See More
Student Reports
Student report cards will be available to families from Years 1 to 6 via Parent Lounge, the week commencing Monday, 28 June 2021. Report cards are...See More
Abundant Living
Where doubt exists, faith does not. And without faith, the abundant blessings of God become hard to see and grasp. God doesn...See More
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