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Learning happens everywhere
Learning is a lifelong business. We are always learning and some of our most meaningful experiences can come from unplanned, incidental learning...See More
Your child talks about feedforward. Our teachers habitually reference feedforward. If you’ve been a part of the Living Faith community for s...See More
Why PBL and not just separate subjects?
What is PBL? Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching method where students learn by actively engaging in real-world and meaningful projects. PBL...See More
Supporting Classroom Learning from Home
It’s not uncommon for parents and carers to ask what they can do at home to support classroom learning. This is a...See More
What is Performing Arts?
Mindset Maths: How Maths works at Living Faith
At Living Faith, our Maths program is built with a foundation of research in neuroscience and educational psychology. We teach Mindset Maths...See More
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