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The Balancing Act of Technology in the Classroom
The incorporation of iPads and digital technologies as learning tools at Living Faith has been done with extensive thought and discussion on...See More
We’re not in the business of ‘getting things right’
Today’s society places a lot of pressure on people to ‘get things right’. There are times when it’s good to get thi...See More
Art & Design
Art and Design Look out, Picasso! Stand back, da Vinci! Living Faith students are the new artists on the scene! Our new ‘D...See More
Why We Want our Students to Revel in Uncertainty
Much has been written over the past 12 months about the uncertainty that has been brought about by the pandemic, as if uncertainty...See More
Growth Mindset in the Classroom
Why the first weeks of school are so important One of the most important times of the school year is the first...See More
Free Indeed
What controls you? Is it the compulsion to have the latest gadgets and accessories? Is it the obligation to return every phone...See More
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