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Number Talks
Many people look at the way Maths is taught today and think ‘this is so different from the way I learnt in...See More
Connectedness: A Basic Human Need
Connectedness is a fundamental psychological human need. Just as food, water and shelter are needed for physical survival, connectedness is a basic...See More
Teacher Teaming
How do staff model a culture of collaboration? A point of difference between a Living Faith classroom and a traditional classroom is...See More
Be Still: Finding Calm Amid the Storm
Our generation knows so much. Knowledge is at our fingertips. But knowing too much can have its drawbacks because it opens our...See More
Why don't we hand out stickers at Living Faith?
Motivation is a fundamental element in education. We want students to do their best, try hard and persevere especially when challenged. But...See More
Fostering Emotional Fortitude in Children
In our Western society, we can be quick to protect our children from struggles. It’s not easy to see children grapple...See More
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