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What are number talks and why are they important?
At Living Faith, our students participate in short number talks at the beginning of most Maths lessons. Number talks are an important...See More
I’m drawn to this quote by Douglas Adams: ‘I’ve come up with a set of rules that describe our reactions to te...See More
Comments on Mindset Maths
In the last edition of Faith Matters (27 March, 2019), we shared with you our excitement over the improvement shown in Maths in Year 6...See More
Modes of Thinking
Have you ever, in the moment, tried desperately and intentionally to recall a word from your memory bank – a person’s name, a g...See More
The new paradigm in teacher recruitment
Living Faith has been rethinking our approach to teacher interviews. Read more in this feature by The Educator magazine. See More
What is Mindset Maths?
Mindset Maths is an approach to Maths teaching and learning by Professor Jo Boaler from Stanford University. The three key ideas around...See More
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