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When I type the word ‘feedforward’ on my computer, autocorrect desperately tries to revert it to ‘feedback’. But at Living Faith ‘feedforward’ is certainl...See More
Collaboration is not a Fancy Word for Group Work
In Living Faith’s Beliefs about Learning, we say that, amongst other things, we strive for our students to be effective collaborators. I...See More
Caves, Campfires and Waterholes
If you ask our students where they sit in class, you will most likely hear some unusual responses: ‘I sat at the w...See More
Is Happiness What We Really Want for our Children?
What do you want most for your child’s future? If you answered ‘happiness’, you are not alone. It would be hard to fi...See More
Play is Learning
Play is often viewed as the time between learning - the space filler where kids can let loose and get out some...See More
The Questions our Students Want Answered
It’s standard practice for our teachers to begin a unit of work by establishing students’ existing knowledge and understanding. This enables tea...See More
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