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Leaping Out in Faith
At the start of the year when we announced that 2020 was the year to leap out in faith, we never could’ve a...See More
Mastery is a Mindset
After recommending it to you at Connect in January, I recently re-read Daniel Pink’s bestseller, Drive. This week, I take the o...See More
Education for our Youngest Generations: Parent and Educator Perspectives
Mark McCrindle is a social researcher and influential thought leader. He and his team recently released their The Future of Education 2020 report,...See More
Are our children’s job prospects bleak?
A question I was often asked as a child is, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Were you ask...See More
What exciting things are we up to in PBL this semester?
Project-Based Learning (PBL) helps students make real-world connections and see the value and purpose of what they are learning. This semester, some...See More
Jesus Overrides Negativity Bias and Inspires a Growth Mindset
From minor annoyances to major disasters, our bias towards a specific episode can change over time. Psychology research suggests that our short-term...See More
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