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The Problem with Perfection
Perfection is a dangerous concept to aim for or to claim. Firstly, perfection puts a ceiling on things. It suggests we reach...See More
What do we do to develop reading at Living Faith?
There is no question that learning to read is a complex process involving many different elements. While learning each of these elements...See More
Living Faith's Top 20 Reading List
Increasingly, we are asked for recommendations for go-to books in relation to parenting and education. And so, here it is: Living Faith’s...See More
The Difference Between Learning and Performing
When some people think of learning, what sometimes comes to mind is the image of a teacher standing at the front of...See More
Let the Adventure Begin
God made today. Today is an incredibly precious gift that we can open with enthusiasm and optimism. Let’s not waste a m...See More
Mental Health Trumps Academics Every Time
'Relationships before Rigor. Grace before Grades. Patience before Programs. Love before Lessons' Dr Brad Johnson How mental health affects learning We all...See More
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