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Engagement through Mastery
At Living Faith, we believe that students learn best when they are engaged and know the purpose of what they are doing....See More
Values to Inspire, Illuminate and Ignite
In our Lutheran schools we promote, teach and strive to live out the values that are important to us. Our Christian faith...See More
Great Books
It’s Book Week and we are celebrating reading and the quality books that are available to us. Is there a book...See More
Engagement through Purpose
Engagement is that crucial bridge that helps kids focus for longer and learn more deeply. But how can we keep kids engaged...See More
Let the Games Continue
What games do you like to play? Where do you like to play them? What games have you taught your children… and...See More
More than just Numbers: How do we embed a growth mindset into Maths?
At Living Faith, our Maths program is built on a foundation in neuroscience and educational psychology. We incorporate the research of Mathematics...See More
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