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Much has been written about the so-called empathy crisis. Many believe that our children are growing up to be less caring and...See More
There's something new at Living Faith!
Something new has started at Living Faith Lights, camera action! This year in addition to music, we are excited to welcome drama,...See More
Our Classsrooms
The Reggio Emilia approach to education refers to the classroom (learning environment) as the ‘third teacher’. Montessori schools adopt a similar philosophy. The...See More
What do we do in our first week of the school year?
At Living Faith we start the year off with a week of relationship and resilience building. In our first week of school...See More
Leaping out in Faith
There are many memes doing the rounds on social media about leaping out in faith. Have you seen the one with the...See More
Play: It’s not Rocket Science, but it is Neuroscience
Our busy society tends to dismiss play as a nonsensical waste of time. In our quest for unmatched intelligence and our desire...See More
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