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Parents, Keep Doing These Six Things
Living Faith has a rigorous and multi-layered enrolment process. Why? Living Faith offers an educational product that aims to close the gap...See More
Exhibition Evening
There is much more to an Exhibition Evening than just a visit to classrooms and a chance to view student work. Parents...See More
Just as Children are Learning to Read and Write, they are Learning Socially-Acceptable Behaviours
Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. Aristotle Parents have their preferred method for nurturing good behaviour...See More
Graduate Attributes
Graduate attributes are the skills and knowledge that students take with them as they graduate. I like to think of graduate attributes...See More
Number Talks
Many people look at the way Maths is taught today and think ‘this is so different from the way I learnt in...See More
Connectedness: A Basic Human Need
Connectedness is a fundamental psychological human need. Just as food, water and shelter are needed for physical survival, connectedness is a basic...See More
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