Please find answers here to many of our most frequently asked questions. They have been grouped into various categories:

About Living Faith Lutheran Primary School

How much are the school fees?

School fees range (depending on year level) from approximately $5,900 - $6,750 per year - which is around $118-$135 per week - and includes all compulsory costs except uniforms. Tuition fees are discounted for subsequent siblings also attending Living Faith Lutheran Primary School. Discounts are also available for families with siblings attending both Grace Lutheran College and Living Faith Lutheran Primary School. The complete fee schedule is available here.

Are all your classrooms air-conditioned?

Yes! Our buildings were originally designed to take advantage of passive cooling strategies but have since had air conditioning installed in all classrooms.

Are there school buses?

Yes. The school is serviced by some local bus routes (see Translink for more info) and also a shuttle bus that runs to/from Grace College Rothwell so that our students can utilise all the Grace College bus routes. (We are also located less than 1km from the Murrumba Downs Train Station).

How can I find out more about the school?

The best way to find out more about the school is to book a personal tour. This gives you the opportunity to see our classrooms in action, get a feel for the school and ask as many questions as you like. You might also like to book in for an Information Session.

Do you have a Tuckshop?

Yes, we do. The Tuckshop is open five days a week with the support of valued volunteers and a Tuckshop and Catering Manager. A wide variety of hot and cold foods are available including home-cooked meals prepared in our very own kitchen. Orders are taken online via Flexischools.

How does the school deal with bullying?

At Living Faith, we value respect and positive relationships with others. While we strive daily to do the right thing, we acknowledge that there will be times in our students' lives when they make the wrong choices and, as a result, cause harm to their relationships with others. When relationships between children break down, restorative conversations led by trained staff allow both parties the opportunity to give their side of the story, and, where appropriate, be involved in the setting of consequences and resolve fractured relationships. Forgiveness and the opportunity to try again allows students the opportunity to learn from their actions and move on.

Students also have the opportunity to grow in their resiliency and cooperative skills by participating in pastoral care lessons, small group programs and whole school activities. Older students within the school also act as positive role models to our younger students by participating in some of our many leadership programs.

Where do we buy uniforms and how much are they?

Uniforms are available from The School Locker at North Lakes (in-store or online).

Do you have outside school hours care program?

Yes, we do. Living Faith Outside School Hours Care operates on-site, from 6.30 am - 8.30 am, and 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm, as well as care during term breaks. Breakfast and afternoon tea are included during term time. The service is fully accredited and licensed via QLECS. Child Care Subsidy will apply to eligible families. The enrolment process is separate from primary school or kindergarten.

Where do Living Faith students attend Secondary School?

Many of our students go on to Grace Lutheran College at Rothwell or Caboolture. Discounts are available to families that have siblings attending both Grace Lutheran College and Living Faith Lutheran Primary School.

What is a Lutheran School?

Several fundamental beliefs are underpinning Lutheran schools:

  • Each Lutheran school belongs to a well-organised system with a long and distinctive tradition
  • A Lutheran school is based on a solid understanding of people and life
  • A Lutheran school provides a caring environment
  • A Lutheran school embraces high standards of teaching and learning
  • A Lutheran school promotes Christian growth and development
  • A Lutheran school works as a team with parents
  • A Lutheran school is part of the greater community

Further information can be found here or just ask us.

What do Lutherans believe?

In the words of the classic Lutheran summary of faith, we believe that we are saved 'by grace, for Christ's sake, through faith'. In other words, there is nothing we can do to earn God's favour or to gain eternal life. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus Christ has won all this and more for us. Find out more here.

Is Christian Studies compulsory for my child? What is your approach to religious education?

Christian Studies is a fundamental learning area at Living Faith for all year levels. Students learn about the Christian faith through the Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach that enables them to explore their beliefs, pose questions, deeply investigate areas of interest and understand how Biblical teaching applies to modern-day society. Teaching stems from a Lutheran understanding of basic Christian beliefs and values, but recognises that students come to the school from a diverse range of Christian or other religious backgrounds.

Choosing a School

Does LFLPS accept International Students?

We are not registered to take Full Fee Paying Overseas Students (FFPOS), however, students who have a visa allowing for residency in Australia for the years in which they attend school may be considered. Please refer to www.border.gov.au/Trav/Stud for further details.

My child has special needs. How can I find out exactly how the school might be able to support them?

Our Student Wellbeing Team work together with class and specialist teaching staff to assist all students. Staff aim to build confidence, participation and independence in all students. Supporting students with disabilities and learning difficulties at Living Faith takes place in various forms, including:

  • In-class support from student coaches
  • Support on excursions, camps and school events, if required
  • Student Wellbeing Mentors collaborate with class teachers to make suitable adjustments and/or modifications to meet student needs and work towards individual learning goals
  • Meeting with parents and teachers to create and monitor Support Plans
  • Social and emotional support in and outside of the classroom
  • Small group intervention programs with early-intervention literacy a priority

The success of our Student Wellbeing program relies heavily on partnerships and quality open communication with parents and carers. Further and more specific information can be discussed at an enrolment interview.

Do I or my child have to be Christian to attend Living Faith?

No, you do not have to be Christian to attend Living Faith. We accept families and students from all religions and cultures.

The Enrolment Process

Can I defer my child's enrolment once a place has been offered?

Yes! Just keep us in the loop about your plans and we’ll do our best to accommodate your family’s needs.

Do I need to complete a separate enrolment for each one of my children?

Yes please! However, you do not need to repeat the tour or information session unless you wish to. 

Do you accept early entry or late entry students?

Yes, in certain circumstances and in line with legislative conditions. Further information can be found here.

Does my child need to be baptised to enrol? Does LFLPS accept families from other faiths?

Living Faith welcomes students from a variety of faith backgrounds and students do not need to be baptised to enrol. However, families must understand that Living Faith is a Lutheran school and engages students in a Christian environment where Christian beliefs are promoted. All students participate in Christian Studies and worship activities. We are happy to discuss this with you further during the enrolment process.

How do I hold my child's place?

Once you have been offered a place, you can secure it by returning the enrolment contract and paying the confirmation fee. Find out more about the enrolment process here.

How do you decide who to offer a place to?

Generally speaking, if places are available they are offered to families immediately after enrolment interviews assuming that the interviewer has been able to confirm that the school can offer the family what they are seeking for their child’s education. In cases where there are more applications than places available, some applications may be prioritised, such as siblings of existing students or children who attend Living Faith Early Learning Centre (Petrie) or Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten (on-site). Further details can be found in the application for an enrolment form.

My child is currently attending Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten or Living Faith Early Learning Centre. Do they receive automatic enrolment to the school?

Applications for enrolment for children who attend Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten or Living Faith Early Learning Centre will be prioritised where possible, assuming they have been received before 31 January in the year before entry. Enrolment at the primary school is a completely separate enrolment process and the usual enrolment process must be followed. We encourage families to place an application for enrolment as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

My family would like to change schools. Can we enrol immediately?

Possibly. We would encourage you to book a tour and submit an application for enrolment as soon as possible and we can then discuss your options.

What age should my child be to commence Prep?

Children must be 5 by 30 June in the year they enrol. You can find more information here.

What can I expect in an enrolment interview?

Enrolment interviews are basically an informal chat. They are an opportunity for the interviewer (one of our senior leadership staff) to get to know your family and your child a little better, for you to ask questions and to make sure that your family and the school are on the same page about what you are looking for and what we offer. We are not comparing your child or family to other applicants. Interviews usually take 30 mins. If you have questions about the interview process, please ask.

When do I need to confirm my child's place?

In terms of entry to Prep, we offer places in a rolling fashion rather than offering places to all families at one time. To confirm a place that has been offered to you (after the enrolment process and an interview have been completed), simply sign and return the enrolment contract and pay the confirmation fee within the timeframe that has been specified (usually 2 - 3 weeks from the interview date).

When do I need to submit an enrolment form?

We recommend that you place an application for enrolment as early as possible to avoid disappointment. General applications start around 1.5 to 2 years before commencement. 

How do I enrol my child?

Just follow the enrolment process! Education at Living Faith is different to what most of us experienced at school and different to other local schools. Our enrolment process is an opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of what we do at Living Faith and why we do it so that you can make an informed decision about the best choice for your family.

If I place an application for enrolment, does this guarantee my child a place?

No. There are several parts to our enrolment process and an application is not considered to be complete until all these steps have been done (which include submission of an application form, a tour, and attendance at an information session). It is only once the three-step enrolment process is complete, an interview has been conducted, a place has been offered, and the place has been accepted by you that your child is guaranteed a place.

Can I enrol my child at any year level at any time?

In short, yes. We may not have places available. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances further.

Is the enrolment process different for siblings of existing students?

Yes, in some cases there are parts of the enrolment process that can be skipped by families of currently enrolled students. If you have a younger child to enrol, please submit an enrolment application as early as possible and we will be in touch with you about the next steps.

I live interstate/overseas. Can I engage in the enrolment process before my family moves to the local area?

Yes. Please contact us to make arrangements.

The Learning Landscape

How much homework will my child have?

Living Faith has expectations of families related to home reading, but aside from that, students aren’t assigned home learning until part way through Year 5 in preparation for high school. We believe (as is supported by research) that children need time for other types of learning and thinking than they experience in the classroom so we would rather they spend time engaging in broader play-based activities outside of school hours.

What is the average class size?

Our classes may vary in size according to the makeup of that particular class or cohort to a maximum of 28 students. All Prep classes have a full-time student coach (teacher aide) in addition to the class teacher. Other year levels are supported by a team of student coaches who are either assigned to particular year levels or as additional support depending on the needs of a particular class.

Does the school provide an instrument for my child?

Yes! Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of instruments through the Performing Arts program. All Year 2 students also learn the violin for a full year and the school provides a violin for each child, which can be taken home for practice. The cost of the violin program is included in school fees. Further opportunities for instrumental music tuition are also available.

Are digital devices supplied by the school?

Yes, we provide an iPad for every student as part of school fees.

Do students go on excursions and camps?

Students from all year levels participate in excursions, and camps start from Year 2. The cost of all camps and excursions is included in school fees.

What makes Living Faith Lutheran Primary School different to other schools? 

We can assure you that education at Living Faith is different to what you’ll see at any other school. The best way to find out more is to book a tour.

Should I bring my child with me for a tour?

That is entirely up to you. Some families prefer to have their child/children with them; some don’t. Children are certainly welcome. Do keep in mind that tours are usually around 45 - 60 minutes and cover some distance. You can book a tour here.

How can I learn more about Living Faith's educational philosophy before engaging in the entire enrolment process?

Senior leadership staff post articles fortnightly to continually engage our community in our educational philosophy. These articles are available here.