Enrolment Process Overview

Living Faith Lutheran Primary School is well known for a forward-thinking, research-based approach to education, underpinned by the love of Christ. Through our enrolment process, we want you to understand what we do and why we do it, so that you can make an informed decision about whether Living Faith will be the right fit for your family.

There are three parts to our enrolment process. These can be completed in any order, but all three are a required part of our enrolment process.

  • Tour: while there is no set order for undertaking the three-part enrolment process, we do encourage all families to start by booking a tour. Our tours are offered at times when our students are in their classrooms undertaking their usual activities so you can get a sense of a normal school day. You can book a tour here.
  • Information Session: we hold regular information sessions throughout the year. These sessions are presented by our Principal and focus on school culture, the philosophy behind our approach to education, and opportunities that exist for students and families. We also welcome families to this session who may still be considering whether Living Faith is the right fit for their family, regardless of whether they have submitted an application for enrolment. Please register for an information session here.
  • Application for Enrolment Form: please complete and return an Application for Enrolment form along with the relevant supporting documents.

Once all three parts of the enrolment process have been completed and if/when we have the capacity for another student in the relevant year level, we will invite you to book an enrolment interview. After a successful interview, we will send you a Letter of Offer and ask you to confirm your acceptance of the enrolment.

If you have any queries, please contact Donna or Anja; they will be happy to help.