Contemporary Competencies

Contemporary competencies are our terminology for soft skills that we teach that are not part of the academic sector. These things include skills such as emotional intelligence, leadership, creativity, innovation, resilience, collaboration, complex problem solving and adaptability. 

Our Contemporary Competencies are explicitly taught and assessed throughout all areas of the curriculum. They are featured front and centre on report cards to show the value we place on these essential skills. At Living Faith, we believe that we need to prepare students to thrive in an ever-changing world. We believe that these skills have an important place in our curriculum and that they will benefit our students now, in secondary school, within their professions and in their personal and social lives into the future.

Workplaces and careers are evolving, requiring a completely different skill set from those of the past. We aim to educate our students in a way that equips them for these new and unforeseen challenges of their future careers. Allowing them to not only grow in their academics but also expand their skillset through practice is the best way we can set up our students for success.