Our Team

Living Faith is led by an experienced board and a dedicated team of educators. All staff are committed to ongoing spiritual and professional development, and are passionate about the mission, vision and values of the school, ensuring to maintain the rich culture that underpins the success of our community.

Class Teachers

Class teachers are known for appreciating and respecting the individual child and creating an environment conducive to learning but also engaging. Specialist teachers, trained and skilled in their subject areas, complement this approach.

Student Coaches

Student coaches work with and alongside teachers to provide additional support to children. You may have also heard of them referred to as teacher aides. Each classroom at Living Faith has at least one student coach present at all times, if the class requires one, to best meet the needs of the students in our care. 

Together, the staff makes up a team that children and their families come to know, trust and respect.


The friendly administration staff are always available to answer questions and to provide assistance to children, parents, and visitors to the school.

Contact us by sending an email to reception@livingfaith.qld.edu.au or calling us on 07 3886 2677


Our ancillary staff includes Grounds and Maintenance, IT, Finance, and Tuckshop. The team takes pride in their work as they care for our buildings, students, gardens, and equipment. 


Church staff, while not employed by the school, share the administration building and work in close collaboration with school staff to create a Living Faith, grace-filled community that exudes the love of Christ.