Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Mission describes the overarching purpose of an organisation, while a vision offers a preferred future and guiding image of success. At Living Faith Lutheran Primary School we combine our mission and vision.


Our Values

Values are at the heart of any community and Living Faith intentionally embeds the following values in the everyday life of the school: compassion, doing your best, forgiveness, respect, responsibility and teamwork.

Our Logo


The central aspect of the Living Faith logo is the cross: the most readily identifiable symbol of Christian faith. It represents the faith which motivates everything done in our School. Jesus’ death on the cross brings us into relationship with our loving God. The dove is a symbol for the Holy Spirit and it is in flight, to suggest something that is active, living. The dove’s journey is traced in the shape of a heart, the symbol of love which is the way that faith shows itself in action. And so the logo represents a faith in Jesus which is lived out through love.