Living Faith sits on a wonderful eight-hectare site, consisting of buildings that have been master-planned from inception. A commitment to ongoing physical development and maintenance has resulted in a fresh, attractive and inviting learning environment.

With Black Duck Creek running along the western boundary of the school, Living Faith is proudly home to a host of local wildlife.


Living Faith classrooms are inviting and functional. Windows allow ample light and cross-flow ventilation. All home classes are fully air conditioned and equipped with technology to support student learning.

The Years 4, 5 and 6 classrooms are particularly spacious, multi-functional and agile. These newly-designed contemporary learning environments reflect an educational reformation, supporting an innovative and forward-thinking approach to student engagement.


The recently-renovated Library provides a comfortable and flexible learning environment for use by all students, including regular visits from the Kindergarten. A passion and love for reading is fostered through the provision of modern and classic reading material, while state-of-the-art technology creates opportunities to equip students as they grow in digital citizenship.

Sports Centre and Music Rooms

A high-quality Sports Centre, which has the flexibility to be transformed into an auditorium, exists to complement the school’s Health and Physical Education program, while offering an outstanding sporting facility to the local community after hours. Through clever design, a series of music rooms have been constructed beneath the Sports Centre, and serve to fully support the school’s academic and extra-curricular music programs.

Play Areas

Given the significant physical size of the property, Living Faith is blessed with abundant outdoor play areas. These include playgrounds, handball courts, small oval, large oval with 300-metre running track, tennis courts and cricket nets which are designed to also accommodate long jump.

Living Faith also benefits from a nature play space. This is a relatively un-developed and open space where students are invited to play with natural implements (eg sticks) in an appropriately-supervised manner. Students take opportunity to build, to role play and to problem solve in this unique school environment.

Environment and Sustainability

Environmentally-friendly planning has included the installation of rain water tanks and a solar power unit. The large oval is irrigated using water from the on-site bore. Wherever possible, eco-friendly cleaning products, materials and chemicals are employed to avoid environmental pollution and damage to our waterways.

Future Plans

2015 saw the final stage of planned student growth at Living Faith and, at the same time, the completion of all buildings necessary to fulfil the school’s immediate vision. Living Faith now enters a season of consolidation as it focuses on the professional upkeep of existing facilities.