Why Only Primary?

Thursday 01 Aug 2019

I regularly field questions from parents about whether Living Faith will extend into a secondary college (P-12) model. The question has been discussed in a variety of forums, and I take this opportunity to highlight the value of our stand-alone primary school model.

  1. Specialists in primary education. Our focus is exclusively on the needs of primary-school aged children. All of our resources and funding are poured directly into our primary-school aged children. Our staff – both teaching and non-teaching, leadership and non-leadership – work at Living Faith because they have a passion for young children; they have made a conscious decision to serve in a primary school setting and to master their craft in the primary years.
  2. Small School. A stand-alone primary school model supports our desire to intentionally be a small school. A small school brings with it a sense of intimate community and, through it, we seek to provide a differentiated learning and pastoral care program for students in the foundational years.
  3. Transitions. It’s essential that children encounter transitions during their younger years to foster the resilience and social skills required to navigate much more momentous transitions in later years. The transitions from kindergarten to primary school, and from primary school to secondary school, afford children the opportunity to experience age-appropriate levels of uncertainty and to experience the sense of excitement, joy and accomplishment that comes from stepping out into something new. As children grow older and feel the anxiety of undergoing more significant transitions, they can reflect on previous transitions and draw encouragement from these triumphs.
  4. Fresh Start. Rightly or wrongly, children can be labelled by their peers – the smart one, the one that struggles, the sporty one, the aggressive one, the popular one, the techy, the clown. Labels – even those that seem complimentary – do not serve a healthy purpose. Children who transition from a primary school to a secondary environment have the benefit of a fresh start where they can commence a new narrative.
  5. Grace Lutheran College. We very proudly partner with Grace Lutheran College to provide K‑12 Lutheran education. There are times when this partnership promotes consistency, and times where the differences are notable. There is security in the consistency, and we value the flexibility and adaptability that is fostered within students as a result of the differences.

We have long been renowned as one of the smallest schools in the local area. It was the deliberate decision of our School Council many years ago to remain at this size and we are consequently proud to be a school Where every child matters… Thank you for being a part of our little community!

- Jane Mueller, Principal