What exciting things are we up to in PBL this semester?

Learning Landscape Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020

Project-Based Learning (PBL) helps students make real-world connections and see the value and purpose of what they are learning. This semester, some fantastic projects are well underway:

Chaylee and Lillijaana - Year 6:
Last term we learnt all about Natural Disasters. We had to write an information report about our chosen natural disaster and design, build and test a structure to withstand two simulated disasters. We did this in groups and had to brainstorm and work together. The disasters our groups faced were tornadoes and cyclones. This semester we will be looking at global citizenship. PBL is such a fun and interesting subject.

Mitchel l - Year 5:
In PBL this semester, we have been learning all about businesses. We joined groups of people with similar ideas and made our own business. My business is Bendymen. We are designing and making a product to sell on the HUB Market day. I like this PBL because we get to make posters, websites, budgets, build prototypes and work together with others. This semester our Maths and PBL lessons tie together because we have to look at financial maths and how our money choices affect our business. This is the best PBL yet!

Layla - Year 4:
We are learning all about the First Fleet, but we are doing it in a really cool way using Cospaces. Cospaces is an app where you can build a virtual reality using coding. This PBL is really fun because no one has done this before. We get to learn about history but learn how to code and create Cospace scenes at the same time. In my Cospace we have to make a scene of the court hearing for a convict being sent to Australia. Then we also make a scene about the fleet’s journey to Australia. It is fun to show what we have learnt is such a cool way.

Max - Year 3:
This semester we are learning all about the seven continents and different countries in the world. Last term we learnt about Australia and made a special artwork about a landmark like the Sydney Opera house. PBL is really fun, and you get to be super creative learning about the places in the world.

Ffion - Year 2:
We are doing work on balloon-powered vehicles. We have learnt all about the different materials that we can build with. We have to design, build and test the vehicles that we make. I am going to build a car that sort of flies. I am really liking getting ideas for how I am going to make it.

Harrison - Year 1:
We are learning about how to save the bees. We had to draw some pictures that had the names of all the parts of the bee. We are learning about science and why bees are important. There is so much to learn about bees and how they make honey.

Imogen and Harleen - Prep:
We are learning a lot about plants and saying if they are living or not living. We had to make a big poster about our plant and share it with our class. It was fun. Plants are very beautiful, and we have to learn how to look after them.

- Bianca Ravi, Director of Learning