What do we do in our first week of the school year?

Learning Landscape Friday, 07 Feb 2020

At Living Faith we start the year off with a week of relationship and resilience building. In our first week of school students will participate in what we have coined ‘Growth Mindset week’. This week is about setting the tone for the year. It is a chance for students to get used to their new classroom environments, build rapport with their teachers and create a positive classroom culture. The focus of the week is to encourage students to develop a growth mindset for the year ahead.

What is growth mindset?

Growth mindset is an educational theory based on neuroscience and educational psychology. In a nutshell, it is the idea that anyone can learn and improve with effort and perseverance. A growth mindset is an important skill for developing lifelong learners who are inquisitive and see setbacks and mistakes as learning opportunities. Students who show a growth mindset are more likely to engage with tasks, keep trying even when things are difficult and have more confidence in their own abilities. Growth Mindset Week is an important springboard for setting up this thinking and helping to build a culture where students are willing to try new things and develop resilience.

You can read more by following this link.

What does Growth Mindset Week look like?

During this week, students will learn more about growth and fixed mindsets and will participate in a number of learning challenges designed to build a growth mindset and positive relationships with their peers. These activities will encourage students to work together and teach them that failure is just a stepping stone to success. Teachers will spend time working with students to set up positive classroom cultures, as well as learn more about your child so that they can best cater for their needs.

We believe that starting the year with a strong foundation and investing this time to develop a growth mindset culture and positive relationships will set every student up for success.

- Bianca Ravi, Director of Learning