Values to Inspire, Illuminate and Ignite

Principals Pen Wednesday, 07 Sept 2022

In our Lutheran schools we promote, teach and strive to live out the values that are important to us. Our Christian faith is the foundation on which we build our schools so we teach and model ‘gospel’ values with students and with each other. Many Lutheran schools use the ten ‘value words’ that have been identified by Lutheran Education Australia as core for its schools: Appreciation, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Hope, Humility, Justice, Love, Quality and Service.

At Living Faith there are six values that are at the heart of our school. These were determined by Living Faith students some years ago with guidance from staff. Our school’s values include two from the list above and four others that were determined to be of particular significance for this school.

  • Compassion;
  • Doing Your Best;
  • Forgiveness;
  • Respect;
  • Responsibility; and
  • Teamwork.                             

You will see these values boldly displayed on the front wall inside the Sports Centre. Students and staff see them each day in their classrooms. They will be discussed with students and at times will be a focus for class devotions or school worship. You will see them on the award certificates that are presented to students at each school assembly.

A highlight of my role as Interim Principal is presenting so many of our students with a Values Award at an assembly. Through these awards, students are acknowledged for practising or modelling one of our six school values. Parents are encouraged to talk with their child about the value being recognised and what the value might look and feel like in their own homes and neighbourhoods.

We value our students for who they are and whose they are.  During their time at Living Faith we want them to grow in their ‘being’ as well as in their knowledge and skills.  We want them to be able to make positive contributions to our world in all sorts of ways. We strive to help our students grow into the people we believe God has created them to be.

After all, it is the vision and mission of Living Faith to inspire minds, illuminate hearts and ignite service.

- Peter Weier, Interim Principal