Two More School Values

Principals Pen Wednesday, 19 Oct 2022

Forgiveness and Doing Your Best are two of our six school values that we teach and promote at Living Faith and strive to live out with each other.

For Christians, a key outcome of the Easter event is the assurance that we now have God’s forgiveness. We believe Jesus’ death has for once and for all dealt with our sin and its consequences. Jesus' resurrection has set each of us free from the power of death. God’s forgiveness is ours and we are now free to live and grow in God’s grace.

As forgiven people, we are now to be forgiving people. In forgiving others, not only do we release them to be given another chance, we also release ourselves.  Forgiveness is a gift from another. Forgiving is a gift to ourselves.

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you.’ (Lewis B. Smedes) 

As forgiven people, loved by our creator God, we are now free to live, love, learn, and even make mistakes. We are free to take on new challenges (and to fail at times). We are free to be the people we believe God has created us to be and free to do and be our best in our homes, our work, our downtime, and our relationships.

‘At our school we do our best in everything we do, with a willingness to take on new challenges and to never give up.’ (from our school value statement)

How might forgiveness and doing your best look and feel like in your homes, workplaces and neighbourhoods?

Peter Weier, Interim Principal