Treehouse Opening

Learning Landscape Thursday, 12 Aug 2021

This week we welcomed the Year 2 and Year 3 students into their brand new classrooms. As we opened the doors, the looks on their faces were just priceless as they got to explore every nook and cranny of both the Year 2 Learning Habitat and the Year 3 Learning Sanctuary. I asked a few students to tell me about their initial reactions to the space.

  • ‘It is a great learning space, and it feels really calm and relaxing. My favourite spot is the watering hole tables, so we can collaborate and work together in groups.’ - Alex (Year 3)
  • ‘I love all the different types of chairs we can choose from. The view from the classroom bench is lovely, and the new water-bottle fillers are a good idea to look after the environment. The whole building is relaxing because there are so many different spots to be comfortable in.’ - Phoebe (Year 3)
  • ‘When we first walked into the new classrooms, it blew my mind. I could tell my friends were as excited as I was. My new favourite spot is the outdoor deck and stadium with the hidden outdoor TV. I also like the collaborative tables with the view of the bush.’ - Patrick (Year 3)
  • ‘Seeing the classroom for the first time, I could tell it would be a peaceful place. The colours are all matching and not too bright. I like that we will be able to mix more often with the other classes in these classrooms. When we saw the outdoor deck, we were just screaming with excitement.’ - Megan T (Year 3)
  • ‘Wow! I was so surprised when I first saw our new classrooms. I really like that almost all our furniture and doors are whiteboards and writable. I think this is going to be helpful because we can take notes and work in lots of different places.’ - Asher (Year 2)
  • ‘The new classrooms are so much better than the old classrooms. I like the wobbly stools because you can move while you listen and work. I also really like the view of the bush out the window.’ - Zachary (Year 2)
  • ‘I think the deck is great because we can spread out and work both indoors and outdoors to get some fresh air. We can see the other classes and come together as a Year 2 team.’ - Emily (Year 2)

The building complex as a whole has been coined ‘The Treehouse’ because of its beautiful bushland backdrop. Many careful and creative design choices were made in planning these spaces, especially in terms of colour palettes, natural light and the seamless integration between indoor and outdoor space. It is clear from the student’s responses that it has been an instant hit, and we look forward to seeing them in action over the coming days.

- Bianca Ravi, Director of Learning