There's something new at Living Faith!

Learning Landscape Friday, 21 Feb 2020

Something new has started at Living Faith

Lights, camera action! This year in addition to music, we are excited to welcome drama, dance and visual arts to the Living Faith repertoire. This new model of integrated arts subjects will come under the banner of Performing Arts which will give students broader opportunities to experience the Arts in their entirety.

This year, Performing Arts will be taught in close relationship with PBL units in order to link content and further deepen student understanding whilst catering for the performance, reflection and design foundations of the Performing Arts curriculum. Research shows that integrating arts subjects with other areas of the curriculum can support students academically as well as help build social skills, confidence and creative thinking. We want to provide for student expression and creativity and give students more voice. We hope that the dynamic nature of performing arts will bring joy and allow students to ‘let their light shine’ in a broader number of areas.

What have been the student’s first impressions?

‘I like the actions and dancing. You have to get up and do things at the front too. It made me happy’ -Kian

‘I like the music and dancing. I do lots of drama but for some people it is scary but we have to be brave and strong’ -Ruby

‘I like making music and playing instruments. I get a bit nervous and have butterflies but I feel happy afterwards’ -Maddison

‘I like the room. It looks cool and black. We get to do new things that I’ve never done before’ -Charlotte

‘I like that it has music, dance and drama all in one and it’s fun. Everyone can be involved and you get to be brave and try your best’ -Max

‘I am so excited and amazed that I get to perform in front of people. I am a big fan of drama and music because you get to use your voice’ -Joseph

‘It is fun to be able to express yourself in ways we haven't been able to before. It is so great to work together and collaborate on performances in either music, drama and dance or all in one. There feels like there are no limits to what we can make’ -Lola

- Bianca Ravi, Director of Learning