The Many Blessings of Term 1

Principals Pen Thursday, 28 Mar 2024

In speaking with students and staff over the past few days the consistent comment has been something along the lines of ‘it’s hard to believe that Term 1 is nearly over…’ While it may seem for many people that the term has gone quickly, when you look at what we have accomplished as a community you may wonder how we have been able to fit everything in during the past nine weeks.

A snapshot of some of the key events in Term 1 included the following:

  • Get to Know You Chats
  • Dance Fever (Years 1 - 6)
  • Friday Fellowship
  • Welcomed Webster the Wellbeing Dog
  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast
  • Pine Rivers District School Swimming
  • Year 1 Caboolture Excursion
  • Year 3 Mary Cairncross Excursion
  • Year 5 Eureka Excursion
  • Prep Party
  • Year 4 Alexandra Headlands Camp
  • Year 5 Boulder Creek Camp
  • Year 6 National Young Leaders Day
  • Year 6 Leadership Badge Presentation
  • Year 2 HOP and Sunday Service
  • Year 3 HOP and Sunday Service
  • K - 6 Inter-House Cross Country
  • NAPLAN (Years 3 and 5)
  • Year 2 Special Community Places Excursion
  • Family Fun Pool Night - Lawnton Swimming Complex

On behalf of the staff at Living Faith, I thank all parents for the positive partnerships that have been developed during Term 1 and for your ongoing support of our school. We look forward to the children returning safely to school for Term 2 on Monday, 15 April.


Andrew Kelly