The Lion King JR. Thank You!

Principals Pen Friday, 25 Aug 2023

The Living Faith community can be incredibly proud of last week’s musical performances of The Lion King Jr. The musical performance was of an incredibly high standard and many people have come forward speaking high praise of our production. 

The musical has been a celebration of the amazing Performing Arts program and extra curricular opportunities that our students enjoy at Living Faith. It has been such a joy and a privilege seeing the gifts and talents of our students shine on the big stage during our three evening performances last week.

As you can imagine, there is an incredible amount of planning, resourcing, commitment of time and hard work that happens from a large list of people within our school community to ensure that our musical production achieves such a high standard of performance. I am amazed at the many gifted people we have in our community and thank the following for their efforts in preparing The Lion King Jr.:

🌟 Producer and Director: Jack Sweetman

🌟 Choreographer: Abigail Jacobs

🌟 Prop Design: Cally Cronk

🌟 Musical and Logistics Coordinator: Melissa Tronc

🌟 Costume Alterations: Emma Jensen and Lisa Baker

🌟Performing Arts Assistant: Sarah Gordon

🌟 Photography, Hair and Make-up: many parent helpers

🌟 Assisting promotions, snack packs and front-of-house displays: Year 5 and 6 students

🌟 Behind the scenes help and support in the lead up and at the performances: the wonderful Living Faith staff!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many parents, grandparents and special friends who came along in the audience and gave outstanding support to our musical performers. We have a very generous and committed parent community and for that I am truly grateful.

Andrew Kelly, Principal