The Benefits of the Living Faith School Camp Program

Principals Pen Friday, 01 Mar 2024

It has been a pleasure spending time over the past two weeks at both the Year 4 and Year 5 camps.

This week, our Year 5 cohort has been very excited to attend the Maranatha Recreation Camp at Boulder Creek. The students and staff have been blessed with wonderful weather for exploring the outdoors. This camp has a significant focus on developing team work with the activities designed to be adventurous, allowing students to enjoy the great outdoors and test their comfort zone. Some of the team building activities the students enjoyed over the past few days have included: jungle ropes, tower of tremble, leap of faith, a dam hike and the giant swing. The Year 5 students had a very successful camp experience and they thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor learning experiences and time away as a cohort.

Last week our Year 4 students attended the Alexandra Beach Camp for three days and two nights. The Year 4 students had a wonderful time outdoors and their enthusiasm and excitement was second to none.

Our Year 4 students enjoyed the following activities:

● beach activities;
● Aussie World;
● team games;
● rock climbing and ropes activities; and
● swimming in the camp pool.

At Living Faith we are committed to our overnight camp program which begins with our Year 2 students enjoying outdoor educational activities at Coolum and culminates with our Year 6 students visiting our nation’s capital, Canberra. Please see the following overview of our Living Faith Camp Program for 2024:

● Year 2 Luther Heights Outdoor Education Camp at Coolum (August)
● Year 3 QCCC Outdoor Education Camp in Mapleton (September)
● Year 4 Alexandra Beach Surf Awareness and Team Building Camp (February)
● Year 5 Maranatha Recreation Camp at Mothar Mountain (February)
● Year 6 Canberra Camp (July)

Our students are involved in many interactive and engaging outdoor activities that have many wonderful benefits including:

● Building resilience;
● Increasing confidence;
● Growing leadership skills;
● Fostering teamwork and socialising skills;
● Increased environmental awareness;
● The learning of new skills; and
● Developing and strengthening friendships.

I take this opportunity to thank our very committed staff who attend our school camps and who ensure that our students flourish whilst away from their home environments and have rich and varied learning experiences outside of the school environment.

Andrew Kelly