Student Speak: Year 6 Students

Learning Landscape Wednesday, 03 Apr 2024

In PBL this term the Year 6 students have been learning all about natural disasters! They have engaged in fun science experiments and an inquiry project where they got to research a natural disaster of their choice. Students investigated their natural disaster’s cause, effects on the earth’s surface, effects on people and ways to minimise the impacts. Let’s hear what some of the Year 6 students have to say!

I have been learning about tsunamis and how some tsunamis have gotten up to 100ft (30m) high. It’s really fun to research and find out what each tsunami did. Tsunamis can wash away cities and one of the deadliest ones in history was in 2004 in the Indian Ocean! They can be caused by the slipping of tectonic plates.

— Emily W

I chose volcanoes and I think it is interesting how they can shape the earth in many different ways and form new islands! 

— Coby M

I chose to research cyclones and I have learnt that they only need two ingredients to form. The ocean water temperature has to be a certain amount and so does the air pressure. Cyclones destroy houses and uproot trees. 

— Aubree S

The Ring of Fire has the most volcanic and earthquake activity in the world because there is a lot of tectonic plate movement and it’s not stable there.

— Asher M

I have been learning about volcanoes and how they can bury cities in ash and lava! They form in the Ring of Fire because of tectonic plates that move. When the lava cools it can form different rocks with minerals in them.

— Sofia N S

I chose a tsunami because I was scared of them and wanted to learn more about them so I can know what people face. I learnt that tsunamis happen because of underwater earthquakes or volcanoes which cause a sudden disturbance in the water. This then makes a big wave. 

— Elmyra F

I have been learning about volcanoes and what causes them. Volcanoes can be good for farmland because they have special minerals in them. 

— Will J

I chose hurricanes. Unlike tornadoes which form when hot air and cold air mix together, hurricanes can only happen over the water as they need cold air and warm water to form. 

— Benjamin K

Tess Grogan

Director of Learning