Student Speak: Year 6 Students

Learning Landscape Wednesday, 09 Aug 2023

‘It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.’ (Babe Ruth)
‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ (Wayne Gretzky)
‘Nobody who ever gave their best, ever regretted it.’ (George Halas)

The words of these famous athletes shone in the hearts of our students and teachers as they took to the field to engage in the longtime coming ‘Year 6 Student vs Teacher soccer match!’ As the crowd increased, so did the energy, with the teachers huddling to engage in a quick stretching routine to enhance performance...yes performance…let’s go with that.



PREEEEEEEEP!!! And we’re off!!! Speed, grit, skill and teamwork shining through on both teams as they go head to head on the field.



You’d think a solid swing and miss from Mr Roche would leave the team disheartened, but no, it actually had the opposite effect!

Living Faith Football Cheering

The teachers practise what they preach, embedding the principles of teamwork, growth mindset and resilience, to come through and score the first goal of the match!! GO, TEACHERS!! 

This only fueled the competitive spirit of the opposition, which saw their determination and grit honour them with the second goal of the match!! GO, STUDENTS!!

Teachers vs Students Football

Neck and neck, both teams push on! The stakes are high! Will the young whipper snappers outplay the ‘ole ye wise ones on this fateful day? A question on many
minds! As the clock ticks down, the screams of encouragement, and at times sheer desperation, are what resounds.

Teacher Student Football Living Faith

And then…out of nowhere comes…Mr Snape. Embracing his newly rehearsed moves from the upcoming The Lion King Jr. musical, Mr Snape pounces for the ball,
smashing it into the back corner of the net! GOAL!!! The teachers won - 2 to 1!!

Living Faith Football Match

Now let’s take to the field to hear the match highlights from our players:

‘I loved that we got to play against the teachers. It’s exciting to try something different with them.’ - Jack W

‘I loved the atmosphere and how much running there was! It felt like a really hard game!’ - Blake A

‘I enjoyed having the opportunity to build relationships and be able to do something that the kids love in order to build those connections. Ohhh….and that even though us teachers have never played soccer in our lives, we still beat them!’ - Mr Zac Roche

‘It was a good game…the kids put up a good fight…but teachers ‘be doing’ what teachers ‘be doing’…winning.’ - Mr Josh Snape

‘We were really well prepared, put in the hard yards and came out with a win at the end. I valued Mr Roche’s screaming, it really added something to our defence line. The kids got a few good tackles on me and showed a lot of heart!’ - Ms Amy McNally 

‘I loved playing sport with the teachers and getting to see how they show sportsmanship. It was nice to have the competition.’ - Mackenzie F

Tess Grogan, Acting Director of Learning