Student Speak: Year 5 Students

Learning Landscape Thursday, 02 Nov 2023

PBL: Hub Market

This semester the Year 5 students have been participating in a project called Hub Market. This project integrates the Maths, English, Business, Design and Technology, Digital Technology, Civics and Citizenship, Performing Arts and Art and Design curriculum. In teams, students create their own business idea and prototype a product! They pitched their idea to our school Accountant to secure a loan from the school in order to market and mass produce their product. They then sell their product at Hub Market, a vibrant and exciting event, whereby all students from Prep to Year 6 attend. At the conclusion of Hub Market students pay their loans back to the school and any profits made are then donated to the charity they have explored as a part of Christian Studies.

Let’s speak with some of the Year 5 students about their Hub Market experiences so far!

’We are making scrunchies and our business is called ‘Let’s Scrunch’. We like working with our friends.’

‘We are making necklaces and are using shrink plastic. We have drawn things on the shrink plastic that we know kids will like, like Pokémon and Rainbow Friends. First, you draw on the bumpy side of the plastic and then you use a heat gun and it shrinks down. We have learnt that you shouldn’t make them too long or skinny because they will fold over on themselves and then they stick together. We learnt that from trial and error, so we have grown from our mistakes.’

‘We have learnt to work together and that it is good to listen to other people’s ideas. If you try to go separate ways it doesn’t work, but if you go together then it does work. We have talked to each other and brainstormed together what colour and shaped beads we will have on our lanyards.’

‘We are making candles and there are all different scents - strawberry, pineapple, mango, sweet orange, banana, papaya and lime. We are also making packaging. The candles will sit on the cardboard circles and then we will use cellophane around it. We were inspired to make candles when we saw them at Eumundi Markets.’

Year 5, thank you for sharing your journey so far! We look forward to attending Hub Market in the upcoming weeks, and supporting your business ventures!

Tess Grogan
Acting Director of Learning