Student Speak: Year 2 Students

Learning Landscape Wednesday, 13 Sept 2023

In PBL this semester, the Year 2 students have been investigating forces. They have been tasked with the project of creating their very own balloon powered vehicle! Let’s take a look at some of their key takeaways so far!

‘We have been learning about balloon powered vehicles. I have learnt that if the vehicle is tall then more air can push against it so it will then move slower. If the vehicle is short then less air pushes against it so it goes faster. This is called air resistance.’ - Harriet V

‘We have been learning about friction, which is when two surfaces rub together. Some surfaces are smooth and some are bumpy. When it is smooth, the vehicle goes further because there is less friction. The vehicle goes a shorter distance when the surface is bumpy because there is more friction.’ - Juliet S

‘I have learnt that balloon powered vehicles can go in the water, air or on land. There is a reaction that happens too. When you let go of the balloon, some of the air inside of it goes out the hole and then the air inside the balloon also pushes the other way. As a class we say, ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.’ - Wawa N

‘I like making balloon powered vehicles because it is fun playing with craft and I like to build stuff. I have learnt that if the vehicle is too tall then it won’t go very far or fast because of the air and friction.’ - Tanaka K

‘I like making balloon powered vehicles because we can make it out of lego. I also like seeing how they react to the wind and to the surface. If the surface is rough then it has more friction and slows the vehicle down, but if it is smooth then it goes further because there is less friction.’ - Peter W

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Year 2! We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful balloon powered vehicle creations in the weeks to come!!

Tess Grogan

Acting Director of Learning