Student Speak: Prep Students

Learning Landscape Thursday, 07 Mar 2024

The first five weeks of Prep have seen a strong focus on learning routines, fostering connections and creating a positive mindset regarding school and a love of learning. 

  • In PBL, the students  participated in a Prep Party, celebrating all the things that make them special and unique. 
  • In Literacy, they have been creating their very own Casey Caterpillars, focusing on Casey strokes to help with letter formation. 
  • In Maths, the students have taken on the role of shopkeeper, sorting different shaped food cut outs to enhance their understanding of shapes, sorting and patterns! 

Let’s see what some of our Prep students have to say about their first five weeks at Living Faith!

My favourite thing in Prep is listening to the teachers about what we have to do. I like how we got to make an octopus!

— Lennon M

I like playing with my cousin and my sister who are also at school with me. I liked playing all the games at the Prep party.

— Coen G

My favourite thing about Prep is that we get to draw and colour. I liked playing Musical Cushions at the Prep party.

— Maggie W

I love Prep because we get to play lots of things like play in the home corner. I like to learn my numbers and play the number games.

— Georgia S

My favourite thing to do in Prep is colouring in and making crafts. I made a dinosaur when we learnt the D sound.

— Arthur A

My favourite thing that I have learnt in Prep is my sounds like S, G and A.

— Oliver B

I love Prep because the teachers are nice and fun and we get to read books and play.

— Grace B

Tess Grogan

Director of Learning