Student collaboration is critical

Principals Pen Wednesday, 08 Mar 2023

Moving from I-centred to we-centred in our learning 

One of the many strengths of the learning framework at Living Faith is the need for both teachers and students to work in collaborative situations and environments. At Living Faith collaboration occurs in all three of our key domains: the learning space (what happens); the physical space (where it happens) and the cultural space (how it happens). 

Research clearly indicates that when teachers demonstrate strong collaboration, student outcomes greatly increase. Workplaces are rapidly changing throughout the world and more than ever it is important that our children have the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills; discover and grow their creative flair; develop their character, particularly in regard to growth mindset, agency and persistence; and cultivate their ability to work collaboratively. 

We need to move children from being I-centred in their learning to being we-centred…. Most (but not all) people experience we-centred environments in their places of work. Employers see collaboration as a critical aspect of the recruitment of new employees. Collaboration is a non-negotiable for Living Faith employees. The reality is children will not always enjoy working collaboratively at school. They will complain about having to work with certain students and at times feel that one member of the group is not pulling their weight. The same can be said for the average workplace environment, family, and life in general. 

As a school community, we can be very excited about the benefits that will be provided for each student through Living Faith’s learning framework. With the emphasis being on delivering not just the academics but also on developing the social and emotional and essential skills in each child, it is imperative that our school provides greater opportunities for both teachers and students to connect and collaborate. 

Over the coming weeks, we will have the opportunity to open two new purpose-built and highly innovative learning spaces for our Prep and Year 1 students. We can be very excited that our school is continuing to provide educational environments that ensure learning will be a team sport into the future. When our environments and our philosophy for learning align, great things can happen for each Living Faith student. 

- Andrew Kelly, Principal