Learning Landscape Friday, 21 June 2019

As the semester draws to a close, your child’s SeeSaw journal will be populated with the assessment tasks they have completed across the semester in Writing, Maths, Project-Based Learning and Christian Studies. This presents a great opportunity to talk with your child about their learning journey as they describe the tasks they have completed, the learning they have engaged in and the skills they have developed. It also provides an informative accompaniment to your child’s report card, further explaining and demonstrating your child’s mastery of the knowledge and skills taught across the semester, as well as providing information around areas for improvement.

Accompanying the tasks will be the success criteria for each subject or strand. These are collaboratively created by our teachers who expertly create criteria that:

  • combine multiple subjects together to form a cohesive and engaging unit of study
  • combine multiple subjects together to reflect real-life contexts where people work within various disciplines/subjects at once
  • guide the students through a series of carefully designed gateways that sequentially build their development of knowledge, understanding and skills
  • lead towards the creation of a product, prototype or solution that can be shared with authentic audiences
  • accurately reflect the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards

Success criteria enable us to:

  • provide students with a very clear idea of what they need to do to achieve the standard in each subject or strand
  • assess students in an ongoing manner rather than through one high stakes test at the end of term or assessment
  • ensure that each teacher across the year level explains how to achieve a task in a consistent manner using consistent language
  • provide students with feedforward that can help them improve their task before final assessment
  • ensure we are consistent across each class in terms of the grade we allocate for each student’s work

Thank you to our expert, professional and hardworking teachers who work so diligently to provide you and your child with an accurate view of how they are progressing in their learning journey and a path forward towards further improvement.

- Rebecca McConnell, Director of Learning & Innovation