Results in Writing Achievement Through Writer’s Workshop and Daily 5

Thursday 14 Mar 2019

We began implementing our Writer’s Workshop program in 2016 across the school. We have seen a steady improvement in the number of students who are achieving at the achievement standard or above in writing, punctuation and grammar since its implementation.

During Writer’s Workshop, your child learns how to write different types of texts such as narratives, information reports and persuasive texts. They participate in explicit lessons around the correct use of punctuation and experience grammar lessons that teach them the structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases and words in the English language.

Students design and plan their writing using scaffolded structures such as templates and hand-write drafts in their writing book, which they then edit after feedforward from their teachers.

The skill of writing is further supported during Daily 5 when they participate in Work on Writing, a free writing time as well as Word Work, where they develop their spelling skills, their phonological awareness and their vocabulary knowledge multiple times a week.

- Rebecca McConnell, Director of Learning and Innovation