Principals Pen Wednesday, 05 Oct 2022

These two words are foundational for how we want to be and do at Living Faith. Respect and Responsibility are two of our six school values that we teach and promote with our students and strive to live out with each other.

To respect is to treat ourselves and others with care and consideration. It is having regard for others and accepting that while we are different, and may see things differently, others are just as important as we think we are. To respect is to value relationships, to acknowledge that we do not always act respectfully, and to say ‘sorry’ when mistakes have been made. It draws on some of our other values such as responsibility, compassion and forgiveness. Giving respect is a choice.

We want our students to choose to show and give respect. We want them to show respect for themselves, others and our environment. They need us to teach them about what it means and they need us to show them how to live it. Our actions will speak louder than words. Jesus’ command is a good place to start; ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’

Responsibility is the price of being a member of a family, a club, a school, or a community. It is doing our share and contributing in helpful ways. Being responsible brings benefits to the individual as well as to others. In acting responsibly, individuals find satisfaction in knowing they have contributed, made a difference or have done the right thing.

As parents and teachers, we want children to act responsibly and grow into responsible people. One of our responsibilities is to provide children with positive role models. It is important for children to see us involved in family, school and community. It is important for children to see us acting responsibly as motorists, neighbours, friends, employees, teachers and parents. May each of us take responsibility for making our world a better place.

How might the values of respect and responsibility look and feel like in your family and neighbourhood?

- Peter Weier, Interim Principal