Pastoral Care at Living Faith

Learning Landscape Thursday, 21 Sept 2023

Living Faith’s Pastoral Care team consists of six core members:

● Mr Paul Bowyer - Chaplain
● Mrs Chelsea Formosa - Director of Junior Primary
● Ms Melissa Tronc - Director of Senior Primary
● Mrs Renae Ewing - Student Diversity Mentor
● Mrs Tracey Hughes - Student Diversity Mentor
● Ms Clare Thomson - our newly appointed Student Wellbeing Mentor

Collectively, our goal is to become aware of the needs of students and families across the school and to develop a collaborative approach to assist students and families. This is achieved through check-ins, small group support programs, referrals, prayer and working in partnership with all key stakeholders.

Living Faith’s model of Pastoral Care support has been enhanced with the recent addition of a Student Wellbeing Mentor and will see Clare providing extra behavioural support for students in Prep to Year 6 and serving as an advocate for students with behavioural challenges.

Initially, Clare will begin working with students in Years 1 and 4. As we transition to this new model for Pastoral Care, our Student Diversity Mentors, Tracey and Renae, will oversee the behaviour of Student Diversity students in these year levels.

What does this mean for you as a parent? Students who are a part of Student Diversity will be fully supported, including behaviour, by Renae for Year 1 and Tracey for Year 4. As this model is rolled out throughout the school, all academic, social/emotional and behavioural support of Student Diversity students in Prep to Year 2 will be overseen by Renae and students in Years 3 to 6 by Tracey.
Students who do not fall into Student Diversity will be supported by Clare.

Small group programs such as Seasons for Growth, Secret Agent Society, the Anxiety Program and the Alert Program will continue to be run by the Pastoral Care team. As we move into 2024, the team is looking at new programs and initiatives to best support our students.

Melissa Tronc

Director of Senior Primary