Mindset Maths

Thursday 28 Mar 2019

Mindset Maths is an approach to Maths developed by Professor Jo Boaler from Stanford University. It is shared through the Youcubed website which has been visited by educators almost 32 million times since 2013. So far, 230 million students worldwide have been positively affected by Mindset Maths with 140 countries implementing the ideas behind the framework.

Those who have implemented Mindset Maths over the last five years have found the following:

  • 50% average improvement in test scores
  • Significant boosts in engagement, persistence and mindset
  • Increases in grade point averages (Maths, Science, Language Arts and overall)

Our Year 6 students were the first cohort to engage in the Mindset Maths Framework throughout 2018. After a full year of implementing Mindset Maths, we are excited to share the following results:

  • More students achieved at or above the achievement standard in Year 6 than in previous years
  • Fewer students achieved below the achievement standard in Year 6 than in previous years
  • More students stated that Maths became their favourite subject
  • More students stated that they were good at Maths and liked Maths
  • Students of all abilities in Maths engaged with the Maths tasks
  • The language the students used when approaching difficult problems was positive
  • Students believed they improved the most in their stamina and the ability to persist with challenging tasks
  • At the beginning of 2018, 49% of students believed they could do Maths. At the end of 2018, 92% of the students believed they could do Maths

Over the coming weeks, more detailed information will be shared about the benefits of Mindset Maths and why it has been so effective across the world. You will also be able to read about how the framework is combined with the Australian Curriculum at Living Faith to deliver a rigorous, engaging and successful Maths program for your child. Please stay tuned!

- Rebecca McConnell, Director of Learning and Innovation