Living Faith Year 6 students attend Canberra Camp

Principals Pen Friday, 08 Sept 2023

Last week our Year 6 students, accompanied by eight staff members, spent four nights and five days visiting the key sights in our nation’s capital. The students had the opportunity to visit many of the attractions in Canberra including the Australian War Memorial, Royal Australian Mint, National Library of Australia, Museum of Australian Democracy, Questacon, National Dinosaur Museum,
Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex and Government House.

By all accounts the camp was a very successful and exciting learning experience for everyone. I had the opportunity to spend time with some of our Year 6 students on Monday where they willingly shared their camp adventures with me. Below is a short summary of what they shared: 

What was your favourite activity while on the Canberra Camp?

‘Visiting Parliament House. It was interactive and I enjoyed the role-playing activities.’ - Eric

‘Ice skating was an amazing learning obstacle to overcome. We all worked as a team to help the new skaters and we went at our own pace. I think ice skating was most people’s camp highlight and it was an amazing growth mindset opportunity.’ - Leah

‘The Australian Institute of Sport. It was interactive and fun and there were lots of activities to try.’ - Edward

Share what you believe was the most important thing you learnt while in Canberra?

‘My kitten can survive a few days without me… Planes are nothing to be scared of.’ - Tess

‘I learnt lots about Parliament House and its history which is important.’ - William

‘I learned a lot about Australia’s democracy and the history of democracy in Australia. I also learnt how to work together more with my classmates.’ - Isla M

‘Our voting system and how crucial it is for students to understand how to vote when they get older.’ - Eric

‘I learnt a lot about Australian history, government, voting and democracy.’ - Edward

What advice would you give other students who might be going to Canberra Camp in the future?

‘Bring gloves! It's cold in Canberra. Also don’t worry who is in your cabin. The teachers will put you with your friends. Also be organised with your stuff.’ - Leah

‘Stay calm as your teachers will take good care of you.’ - William

‘Try to be organised with all of your belongings. It makes life a lot easier and less stressful. Remember that you are part of a big team.’ - Isla M

‘Don’t be scared because if you are scared it will take away from the wonderful experience the camp is.’ - Tess

A heartfelt thank you to the following Living Faith staff who left the comforts of school and home last week to attend the Canberra Camp and support our Year 6 students: Ms Melissa Tronc, Mr Joel Richards, Mrs Nadine Gill, Mr Zac Roche, Mrs Tammy Watson, Mr Paul Bowyer, Mrs Kellie Bowden and Mrs Julia McDonald.


Andrew Kelly, Principal