Living Faith Teachers Recognised in State and National Awards

Tuesday 30 Oct 2018

Living Faith Lutheran Primary School has achieved a trifecta of teaching excellence with three respected educators earning recognition for their leading educational practices.

Principal Jane Mueller and Director of Learning and Innovation Rebecca McConnell have both been named on The Educator’s fourth annual Hot List.

The 2018 Hot List celebrates inspiring and innovative educators from across Australia who undertake “outstanding work” to deliver the highest-quality educational experiences to students.

Ms Mueller, who has more than 17 years of leadership experience including five as Principal at Living Faith Lutheran Primary School, has been acknowledged for her passion for using research to drive change in educational practice.

“We have a moral imperative to continually review and redesign education in order to equip students with the skills needed to flourish and to experience fulfilment in our exponentially-changing world,” said Ms Mueller.

Ms McConnell has been identified as an education leader who supports staff through change whilst also creating a strong culture of professional growth.

“I love the opportunity to work with teachers to improve and evolve our school to meet the diverse needs of students in a changing world. Since we have implemented our agile learning spaces and future-focused curriculum, we have seen an improvement in student engagement and achievement across our school. Our students love coming to school, they understand the purpose of their learning and how they can be successful. Most importantly, they feel that we are providing them with the skills they will need to be successful in their future,” said Ms McConnell.

(Read the full report Hot List 2018 report from The Educator here).

Classroom teacher, Rozi Hemara, has also been recognised as a teacher of distinction earning the 2018 Rolph Mayer Award for Teacher Excellence by Lutheran Education Queensland.

This prestigious annual award recognises one educator - from the 26 Lutheran schools in Queensland - who establishes a supportive educational environment that inspires students to reach their potential, and who serves to positively impact colleagues through leadership and mentoring.

“I really love the community aspect of my job, whether that's within my own classroom with students, staff and families or as part of the wider school community. There's something very special about being part of a large group of people all working together helping to shape and grow children, families and staff themselves. Watching students develop and learn within this team environment is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job,” Ms Hemara said.

Lutheran Education Queensland Director of Innovation and Technology Derek Bartels, who was named on The Educator’s 2016 Hot List, said: “It’s an exciting time in the world of education.”

“These awards are a reflection of the calibre of education provided by Australia’s Lutheran schools,” Mr Bartels said.

“Living Faith Lutheran Primary School is leading the way, as evidenced through the many national and international educational visitors that descend upon the school each year to explore the latest developments in contemporary education and its implementation,” he said.

“Advanced professional development for teachers through comprehensive neuroscience-based research, coupled with the opportunity for school staff to visit and observe best practice in the world’s greatest educational facilities overseas, ensures that the teaching standards at Living Faith will continue to be cutting edge and of the highest standard in the future.”