Let the Games Continue

Principals Pen Wednesday, 10 Aug 2022

What games do you like to play? Where do you like to play them? What games have you taught your children… and what games have they taught you? Are there favourite games that you learnt in your childhood that you still like to play? Is there a playground or play area that you find yourself going back to again and again?

I admit, I still like to play… and I love playgrounds and watching how children (and grown ups too) engage with them. I think a well thought out play area is a real gift to each of us. I found it both interesting and encouraging to see how public play spaces have been even more appreciated during the recent interrupted times; and especially by those who have been required to stay at home for much of the time.

I think our students (and staff and families) are both very fortunate and very blessed to have the playgrounds and play spaces that we have in our school. As I venture out on supervision duties during play breaks, there are some duty areas that I look forward to in particular. I love being in the big Adventure Playground (and climbing on the rope bridges and stepping stones). I really enjoy being in the Nature Area with stick construction, tea parties and ‘camp fires’. I love being on the tennis court (and joining in the handball games… and thank you Year 5’s for being kind to me). Lots of fun, smiles, challenges… and learning.

I think that it is in play that we learn some of life’s most important lessons; sharing, problem solving, cooperation and collaboration, risk taking and expanding our comfort zone, getting along, and just having a go. Maggie Dent (author, educator and parenting specialist) has written:

We need to prioritise play, especially in this world where a tsunami of screens has massively changed the way we interact with each other, learn and engage.

In her last Principal's Pen, Ms Mueller shared the article ‘Parents: Keep Doing These Six Things’. I am going to be bold and add another thing; Parents, play and keep playing with your kids. Help your young children to learn how to play and keep playing with them whether it be playgrounds, board games, backyard cricket or on camping trips. Play is good for us in so many ways.

Let the games continue. (And if you need some inspiration for family games and fun, I suggest you watch a few episodes of Bluey).

- Peter Weier, Interim Principal