In the Interim

Principals Pen Wednesday, 13 July 2022

‘Are you the new principal?’ This was the question I was most asked as I chatted with students around the school grounds and classrooms on Monday. My replies to students of various ages went something like ‘Yes, I am the principal but just for a while’. We then got talking about me being here as the ‘interim principal’ and what that meant. I think we decided I was the ‘in-between principal’, or as one student stated, ‘You are like a relief teacher, but a principal'.

After working in Lutheran schools for almost four decades, I did wonder if I should have answered the question with ‘No, I am actually an old principal’ (but new to Living Faith of course!). Living Faith is the seventh Lutheran school I have worked in. Most of my time in schools has been around south-east Queensland; Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast, Redcliffe. My most recent school was in Wagga Wagga in regional NSW. I have been a class teacher, deputy principal, head of primary in a P-12 college, and a principal. Working in primary schools is a love and joy for me (although I did rise to the challenge of occasionally teaching Year 9 Maths and Year 10 Christian Studies while at P-12 colleges).

Right now, I am delighted to be here at Living Faith. I have felt warmly welcomed. In the near future we will know who the new (and permanent) principal will be to lead Living Faith on the next stage of its journey and when she or he will join this school community. In the interim, I feel very blessed to be part of the school and the learning, care and support that happens here.


At the beginning of each year, we usually welcome our new staff at a worship service together with Living Faith Lutheran Church. Due to Covid restrictions, we weren’t able to do that again this year. However, we are delighted to have Pastor Rob Paech join us on behalf of the congregation to install new staff from the primary school, kindergarten and OSHC at our HOP Chapel service on Monday, 18 July starting at 2.30pm in the Sports Centre. Parents are welcome to join us for this time of worship and blessing of both our new and continuing staff for their service to our school community.

- Peter Weier, Interim Principal