Igniting Service

Principals Pen Wednesday, 16 Nov 2022

It has been said that we humans are at our best when we are giving. When Jesus shocked his disciples by washing their feet as a servant would, He not only taught them something about importance and who should serve whom, He also showed them a way of living that could bring them, and us, great joy. In giving, we also receive. Imagine what our world could be like if, rather than thinking about what others can do for us, each of us wondered what we could do for others.

Christians believe that God has created us to serve each other. Service involves selfless giving to make a difference in the lives of others. Service flows from a love for people and produces acts of kindness as we respond to the needs of those around us. Here at Living Faith, service is a central component of what we do and is an important part of our school culture. It is taught at each year level from Prep to Year 6, through ‘service-learning’.

In an article published last year, Mrs Bianca Ravi (Director of Learning) wrote:

Service-learning involves learning and growing through the service of others and the world. It is about developing compassion and empathy, and recognising the ways our gifts can be used to serve others. Students build an understanding of why we serve and gain respect for who or what we serve. It is about reaching out with heart, head and hands. Service-learning is not done as a stand-alone activity. It is embedded throughout the curriculum and is a cultural part of our school community.

Students engage in service-learning projects that challenge them to grow as caring, responsible citizens who can recognise and respond to the needs of others and the needs of our planet.

Next week our students will share their learning with you at the Exhibition Evening. As you explore the presentations across the year levels, look for the service-learning projects that have been encountered during this past semester. You will see how Living Faith students are  challenged to learn, love and give.

You can read the full article ‘Service-Learning at Living Faith’ here.

- Peter Weier, Interim Principal