Graduate Attributes

Learning Landscape Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Graduate attributes are the skills and knowledge that students take with them as they graduate. I like to think of graduate attributes as a backpack of skills and experiences that we equip students with for the next part of their learning journey. This knowledge shapes how we teach, coach, plan and map student learning experiences across their time at school.

At Living Faith, in addition to the curriculum, we explicitly teach contemporary competencies such as collaboration, grit, communication, innovation and global awareness and embed them throughout our learning program. Focusing on the authentic development of these competencies allows us to add essential, lifelong skills to our students' backpacks.

What do we want in their backpack?

We strive for our graduating students to be:

  • collaborative;
  • self-directed;
  • adaptable;
  • resilient and determined;
  • creative;
  • problem solvers and
  • responsible leaders

We strive for our graduating students to have:

  • knowledge of themselves as learners;
  • service in their hearts;
  • social and emotional intelligence;
  • growth mindsets and
  • joy founded on the love of Christ.

- Bianca Ravi Director of Learning