Free Indeed

Principals Pen Thursday, 28 Jan 2021

What controls you? Is it the compulsion to have the latest gadgets and accessories? Is it the obligation to return every phone call and reply to every text message, email or notification? Is it the demands or expectations of others? Is it the desire to be respected or admired? Is it the belief that your mistakes define you? Is it the fear of being judged by your words, actions or appearance? Is it the need to be seen engaging in religious practices?

We cannot serve multiple masters. It is not possible to live under the control of others, while also living in authentic communion with God. When we let others’ expectations, our perception of their expectations, or even our own expectations drive us, we abandon our genuineness and we abuse the freedom gifted to us through God’s ultimate sacrifice.

Jesus died to set us free. This includes freedom from a preoccupation with the demands and expectations of others. In God’s presence, these demands and expectations – real or perceived – fade into insignificance, and we rest in a lifestyle where only one requirement (or commandment) exists: love.

When we thank God for the circumstances that seem to sap our emotional energy, God’s power and presence are revealed, giving us perspective, peace, joy and freedom. And this freedom we receive in and through Christ is outrageous. It’s extravagant, it’s radical – and it’s ours.

We enter the 2021 school year with the theme ‘Free Indeed’. Staff engaged in a series of spiritual development workshops throughout last week’s Staff Boot Camp, immersing ourselves in this theme. Our hope is that throughout the year we, as staff, will consider what this freedom means for ourselves, but also that you - our parent and carer community - will consider what it means for you. We, the staff at Living Faith, are setting ourselves the goal of inspiring others (colleagues, students, parents and our own personal connections) to let go of worldly demands and expectations and to truly live in the freedom that is ours in Christ.

God went to immeasurable lengths to secure this freedom for us. Let’s not squander it. Here we go, 2021!

- Jane Mueller, Principal