Big Ideas Summit

Learning Landscape Tuesday, 26 Jul 2022

We were very proud to have two Living Faith teachers selected to present their 'BIG IDEAS' at this year's Big Ideas Summit held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre last Monday.

Both Cally Cronk and Tayla Corrie gave outstanding presentations on the day, highlighting the innovative practices we use here at Living Faith.

Cally Cronk gave a presentation exploring how she has incorporated Science and Design through the Arts lens, focusing on developing student creativity. She spoke about how Living Faith has been developing a play-based approach to STEAM subjects using Visual Arts as a focal point. Cally was able to highlight some of her hands-on Project Based units that she has developed in Art and Design. These included creating artwork from chemistry experiments, designing robots that draw, using heat transfer to create an art portfolio and launching rockets. Using the design cycle coupled with a growth mindset, Cally has been focusing on developing curiosity and creativity through active experimentation, engaging in sensory play and empowering students through creative thinking.

Tayla Corrie gave a presentation on how we use virtual and augmented reality in Project Based Learning. She discussed how our Year 4 teaching team utilises the platform ‘CoSpaces’ across a range of projects to create prototypes, re-imagine problems and build virtual experiences designed to engage the audience in historical events. Tayla explored how history can be taught in creative ways by capitalising on virtual reality software and headsets to immerse learners in VR experiences.

It was so wonderful to be able to share some of the amazing work we are doing here at Living Faith with the greater teaching community.

- Bianca Ravi, Director of Learning