Art & Design

Learning Landscape Monday, 15 Feb 2021

Art and Design

Look out, Picasso! Stand back, da Vinci! Living Faith students are the new artists on the scene!

Our new ‘Design Studio’ was refurbished late last year. We are now using it for our new specialist subject ‘Art and Design’! Art and Design combines all the creativity and limitless vision of visual and media arts along with the inventive logic and engineering components of design, tech and science. Each week, classes will attend a 45 minute Art and Design lesson.

Our specialist Art and Design teacher, Ms Cally Cronk, has some amazing projects in store that will engage a range of subject areas such as science, technology, visual art, mathematics and civics and citizenship all through a creative lens. The new Art and Design subject will help cultivate some of the Living Faith Contemporary Competencies such as initiative, decision making, collaboration, systems thinking, communication, service, innovation and creativity. Henri Matisse said that ‘creativity takes courage’ and we hope to foster in our students the courage to take risks, think outside the box and let their imaginations guide them.

What will each class be up to in Art and Design this semester?

  • Prep students will be experimenting with art techniques and different mediums, making a mess, having fun and learning some of the basic principles of visual arts.
  • Year 1 students will be wearing their engineering hats, tackling challenging STEAM problems and building designed solutions. Looking at design elements from boats to bridges.
  • Year 2 students will be exploring what it means to make art for a community. They will explore ways in which art can connect to a place and space and create a range of collaborative artworks. Students will use mediums such as photography, painting and weaving.
  • Year 3 students will be exploring the science concept of heat and conducting heat experiments to look at the way in which heat can be transferred. They will also produce heat-related artworks using a range of heat sources.
  • Year 4 students will be investigating biomimicry (the way in which nature inspires design). Students will discover how the natural world has inspired solutions to many design challenges throughout history. Year 4 will then create their own inventions inspired by nature and linked closely to their sustainability and recycling PBL project.
  • Year 5 students will focus on visual arts, looking at a range of techniques and mediums and creating epic artworks.
  • Year 6 students will explore innovation in design and integrate technology by creating a scribble robot, paper electrical circuits and by looking at stop motion animation.

Pablo Picasso once said, ‘every child is an artist’. We look forward to seeing the amazing artworks and design projects our students imagine over the year.

- Bianca Ravi, Director of Learning