At Living Faith, we value respect and positive relationships with others. While we strive daily to do the right thing, we acknowledge that there will be times in our students’ lives where they make the wrong choice and, as a result, cause harm to their relationships with others.

At Living Faith, we actively support students to acknowledge how their behavior impacts upon others and to then take responsibility for restoring their relationships by accepting the consequences for their actions. Students are encouraged by school staff, as they work to equip children with both the language and confidence to resolve situations where relationships break down.

Our students are supported in making positive choices not only by staff, but also through the positive role model of our older students. Students also have the opportunity to grow in their resiliency and cooperative skills by participating in both small group programs and whole school activities.


While the provision of Christian education is the core role of the school, Living Faith knows that children are best able to learn if their social, emotional and spiritual needs are met.

Classroom teachers seek to provide an environment in which students’ social and emotional needs are recognised.

The Director of Students and Community Engagement oversees student well-being, assists with the transition of new students to the school and supports students and families in relational matters.

A part-time Student Support Worker is available to provide individual counselling for students, as well as preparing a range of support material for parents.

The Pastor of Living Faith congregation is available to families of the school. The baptism of students in our school worship services is just one example of this.

Living Faith seeks to involve children in the management of their own social and emotional needs. When relationships between children break down, restorative conversations led be trained staff allow both parties the opportunity to give their side of the story and, where appropriate, to be involved in the setting of consequences. Forgiveness and the opportunity to try again allow students the opportunity to learn from their actions and move on.