A vibrant, engaged and enthusiastic parent body volunteers time to contribute to the opportunities available to students.


The Black Duck Collective is a new initiative, still in its infancy. The term Black Duck is derived from the creek that runs through the school grounds.

Black Duck Collective combines passionate volunteers from all arms of the Living Faith community (church, school, OSHC, kindergarten and ELC), and is responsible for major inter-community fundraising and fun-raising family-focussed events.

In 2015 the Black Duck Collective hosted Black Duck Markets, a modern take on the traditional school fair.


The class carer role is filled by parents at each year level. While the role exists predominantly to welcome and support families, Class Carers also create opportunities for children by initiating social activities (eg family picnics), celebrating events (eg teachers’ birthdays) and providing pastoral support (eg organising meals for families in need).


The Events Committee consists of parents enthusiastic about raising funds to further develop school facilities through enjoyable student-focussed activities. Examples of events recently hosted by the Events Committee include student discos, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day stalls and Christmas stall.

Money currently being raised by the Events Committee will be used to enhance outdoor seating around the school plant. This will include portable furniture for use on the school oval during sporting carnivals.