Co-curricular activities are an extension of the day-to-day learning that takes place for all students, to further enhance classroom-based activities.


Anzac Day receives great recognition and reverence at Living Faith in three ways: all students participate in an in-house Anzac Day service; all students are invited to participate in the annual Kallangur Anzac Day March; and School Captains pay their respects at the inter-school ceremony in Brisbane’s Anzac Square.


Assemblies are held fortnightly. Hosted by our School Captains, assemblies serve to showcase various aspects of the school, to highlight up-coming events and to celebrate students embracing the school values.


The wonder of a good book never fades. Book Week provides the opportunity to explore a new range of books on display, and for children to dress up as a book character in the Book Week parade.


Organised in conjunction with the Living Faith congregation, a week is set aside each year to celebrate the God-inspired uniqueness of both boys and girls.

With sessions held before school, speakers from the parent body or the congregation lead daily activities that centre around themes such as friendships, goal setting and respect. Where possible, parents attend with their children.

The highlight of the week is the concluding breakfast, when girls and their mums or boys and their dads join together to feast and celebrate their activities.


School camps are an important part of the school’s program, providing opportunity for children to learn the skills of collaboration, independence and goal setting outside of the school or home environment.

Camps begin in Year 2 with an overnight stay and build up in length to culminate with a week’s outdoor camp which is currently held at Carnarvon Gorge in Year 6.

Parents who are able are welcome to assist as a helper at one of their child’s camps.

Day excursions or incursions are planned by teachers to enhance the learning of particular curriculum areas.


Celebrated across the school each year, this day provides an opportunity for children to dress in costume and experience food, games and activities from a range of different countries.


Children are exposed to a variety of musical instruments from their first year at school. Key instrument exposure is as follows:

Year 2 violin

Year 3 ukulele

Year 4 recorder

Year 5 guitar

Year 6 multiple instruments

In addition to this, children in Years 3 to 6 participate in a dynamic choir program.


Living Faith produces a musically biennially. This creates opportunity for students in Years 5 and 6 to showcase their skills in the dramatic arts.


Living Faith creates opportunities for students to participate in a range of community-based activities, which differ from year to year. Examples of community-based events of recent years include Autism Awareness Day, Clean Up Australia Day, Day for Daniel and National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.


Students participate in athletics, cross country and swimming carnivals the year. While physical skill development is a goal and competition is evident; teamwork and sportsmanship are the key areas of focus for all sporting carnivals.

A particular highlight each year is the way our senior students assist and encourage our junior students.

Students compete in their respective houses: Freeman (red), O’Neill (blue) and Thorpe (yellow).


Activities exist throughout the annual walk-a-thon, to create awareness of various needs throughout the world. Funds raised from the walk-a-thon are donated to Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS). In 2015 these funds were used specifically to support refugees.


Students and staff begin each week in God’s name through corporate worship. Services are led by congregational staff, school leadership and students.

Each year students are invited to assist in leading worship for Living Faith Lutheran Church with their classmates for one Sunday. This is a special time for the whole family.