The First Year

Prep serves as an essential foundation year with students learning significant skills and understandings guided by the Achievement Standards from the Australian Curriculum. A typical Prep student will learn to read through the Jolly Phonics Program and will learn to write through the Casey Caterpillar Program. Students will learn to present information to and listen to their peers. They will work with numbers to 20 and will make and identify patterns. Prep students participate in Christian Studies, Science and World Studies lessons, as well as gross and fine motor activities to develop these essential physical abilities.

Our Prep program endeavours to support students through play-based activities at the beginning of the year, moving to more formalised instruction in Semester Two.

Living Faith Prep students are also supported in the development of range of other skills such a problem solving, resilience, communication and social skills. Most importantly, Prep students start to learn about learning. They begin to develop the lifelong learning skills that will benefit them well beyond their school years.