The Final Year

Living Faith has achieved an exciting milestone in its mission to prepare students for life in the 21st Century with the opening of our Learning Plaza for Year 6 students in 2015. The Plaza has been designed around three interlinked and equally important spaces – the Physical Space, the Learning Space and the Cultural Space. Within the Physical Space caves, campfires, watering holes and mountain tops have been established, where students can learn in a variety of collaborative and independent ways. The spaces are populated with flexible and multi-functional furniture, an abundance of writable surfaces, a range of screens and individual digital devices. In the Learning Space teachers have developed units of work around creative and project-based models of learning. The use of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria continues for all subject areas and there is a shift away from feedback and summative assessment, towards feedforward and formative assessment. In the Cultural Space, a Scope and Sequence of the contemporary competencies we believe are important for our students has been established. These contemporary competences include creative and critical thinking, global awareness and emotional intelligence.