Specialist Programs


Learning a second language helps prepare students for their place in a global community.

In the lower year levels, students learn songs and dances, numbers, colours and greetings. As they progress in age they begin to use written language. Technology is widely used to assist students in their growing awareness of German culture.


Our library has also embraced the agile learning environment with three distinct learning zones, a Cave for individual reflective activities, a Camp Fire for explicit teaching and storytelling and a Water Hole for collaborative small group activities. All of the furniture is mobile and can be easily moved to accommodate the diverse needs of the different users of the Library.

The library is open daily from 8:30am to 3:45pm for the borrowing and returning of books. In addition, operates a parent library this is available for borrowing each morning from 8:15am to 8:45am.

All classes have the opportunity to borrow each week when they visit the Library during their dedicated Library lesson.

Our library is an active and engaging environment in which promotes the love of reading by encouraging students to participate in many areas of literacy – National Simultaneous Story Time, Premiers Reading Challenge, Book Week and even our Kindergarten children make a regular visit to the library. We have a Year 6 Library service team that at lunchtimes offers the following activities on different days of the week - story time, chess, puppets, games and construction activities.


Sequenced and age-appropriate musical experiences aim to educate not only the eye, but the ear. Within the music program students build musical literacy by incorporating games, movement, the playing of instruments, and the reading and writing of music, with singing. Students are exposed to classroom percussion instruments, glockenspiel, recorder and guitar.

All students in Year 2 participate in the compulsory violin program. The compulsory choir program commences in Year 3 and carries through to Year 6, developing skills in working as a team and performing publicly.


All students participate in weekly skill-based Health and Physical Education lessons. These lessons endeavour to develop within students not only physical skills, but social and emotional skills also.

The sporting opportunities at Living Faith are enhanced by a 300-metre running track, tennis courts, cricket nets and an indoor sports centre.