Home Learning

Living Faith acknowledges the significant number of after-school activities a high percentage of its students is involved in and the learning that takes place through these activities. Further, the school is mindful of research indicating that traditional homework can, in some cases, decrease student engagement resulting in a disinterest in learning and consequent lowering of achievement over time. As such, Living Faith has developed a Home Learning program.

Home Learning is designed to engage students and provide them an opportunity to make choices about what they learn at home, how they learn it and how they present their learning to others. Home Learning Grids are designed and distributed from Prep to Year 5. The grids contain various compulsory and non-compulsory activities across a three-to-four week period. Reading and comprehension activities are compulsory for all year levels. From Semester 2 of Year 5, our students receive nightly compulsory Home Learning to assist them in the transition to Secondary School.

A year level newsletter is distributed each term to outline the learning that will take place at school in each subject area.