Cultural Space


Our strong commitment to developing our students' capacity to understand themselves as learners is evident through our Contemporary Competencies Program. This program runs parallel to, and is embedded within, the core curriculum from the first year of schooling. By providing a strong thinking and learning skill development focus appropriate for the changing future world, Living Faith equips students with the skills to enable them to think for themselves and be self-initiating, self-modifying and self-directing. Living Faith endeavours to provide students with the knowledge, skills, cognitive processes, intellectual dispositions and habits of mind necessary to engage in lifelong learning.


Our teachers engage in focussed and extensive professional learning to keep abreast of the latest research pertaining to education and pedagogy. They identify goals of improvement every year and prototype programs to implement within their classrooms based on our Learning Landscape Plan and Objectives. Our teachers work collaboratively within and across year levels. Our teachers observe their peers and offer their peers feedforward to further improve their practice.


Data is collected from a range of sources to map school wide and cohort trends over time, as well as track and monitor individual student achievement. Data analysis enables Living Faith to identify areas for improvement and to monitor the success of programs initiated within the school. Sources of data include PAT Standardised Testing in Reading and Maths, Benchmark Testing in Years 3 and 5 (NAPLAN), Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA), ICASS Testing and Classroom Based Assessments. Data available to parents is through benchmark testing (NAPLAN) and comparative data, as made available as a result of semester report cards.