We believe we should educate our students for their future, not our past (Daniel Pink, 2012) and that schools need to evolve to meet the needs of our students in a changing world.

We believe children learn all the time – not just at school – and that one of the greatest gifts a school can give a child is to nurture their natural love of learning so that it lasts a lifetime.

We believe learning should focus on the development of skills such as creativity, digital citizenship, collaboration, problem solving and responsible leadership rather than focus on the retention of Google-able facts.

We believe resilience, grit, risk-taking and effort are just as important as academic success and that students should see failure and challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve.

We believe every child is a unique gift from God and therefore learns differently. Students should come to know themselves as learners and what works best for them.

We believe children learn best when they are involved in real-life, multi-disciplinary projects that excite them and encourage them to make choices for themselves.

We believe students achieve their potential when they understand the purpose behind their learning experiences and when they can visualize how they can be successful in the tasks they are asked to complete.

We believe students should be able to improve through targeted feedforward offered by teachers and peers before they are assessed.

We believe parents are the primary educators and that schools exist to partner with parents by providing a formal, well-researched and forward-thinking learning environment.

We believe in every child … and we believe that every child matters.


We strive for our graduating students to be:

Adaptable Clear Communicators
Collaborative Confident technology users
Creative Entrepreneurial
Flexible Globally aware
Information and Media Literate Innovative
Life-long 21st Century learners Responsible leaders and (digital) citizens

We strive for our graduating students to have:

Cross cultural skills Emotional and social intelligence
Growth mindsets Health and environmental awareness
Joy founded on the love of Christ Knowledge of themselves as learners
Service in their hearts